Hello Jokers, 

I hear a lot of stories about how customers have used their Joker Greeting card and Joker birthday cards. Here are my top 3 favorite stories so far about the Joker Birthday cards, the cards that do not stop playing music until the battery does or is broken. 

3. The Seinfeld episode. 

One story from New York City. They pressed play and couldn't stop the card they ended throwing the card out the window. The card fell the next story down and top of their neighbors AC Unit and window. Everyone fears opening these windows because the AC unit might fall so the card played outside their window all night. 






2. Father gives daughter Joker card for college

He lovingly packed her up, kissed her forehead, said good bye and left her a nice Joker Birthday card for the trip. The girls drove off and opened the card in search of cash and pressed play. After futile attempts to hide the card and muffle the sounds and 2 hours of agony they threw it out the window. 

if only I could hire this guy.  


1. Don't open Joker Birthday cards on a plane

My favorite story comes from Chicago. A brother decided to hand his sister a card just as she was leaving for the airport. She stuffed in her bag and decided to open it after she checked in and got in the plane.

Just as the plane was getting ready to close the door she pressed play. The card would not stop, the attendants asked her to turn it off. She couldn't. The air marshal came over and threatened her "if you can't shut it off I will need to ask you to leave the plane." She did have to rip it up...too bad we didn't have glitter at the time. 



 Until next time. 

Travis / www.jokergreeting.com / The best and funniest greeting card 

Written by Travis Peterson

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